2024 Chevy Silverado 1500

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  • Overview

    A silver 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 RST is angled left.

    The popular Chevy Silverado 1500 returns for the 2024 model year, boasting an excellent mixture of hardworking capabilities and modern-day conveniences. This light-duty, full-size pickup is a versatile vehicle that can be a daily driver or a work truck, thanks to its impressive towing and payload figures and its comfortable cabin. In fact, it’s been one of the top-selling vehicles in recent years; it didn’t just rank as a top-selling truck but a top-selling vehicle across all categories, which goes to show just how versatile this pickup is.

    If you’re interested in checking out the 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500, our team is ready to introduce you. Available in a variety of trims with several powertrains and special package options, it’s one of the most accessible pickups to tailor to your needs. To help you get started on your shopping journey, we wanted to break down some of the highlights of this terrific pickup...


    Horsepower (hp):


    Torque (lb-ft):


    Max. Towing (lbs):

    Starting at

    $36,800 [a]

  • Performance

    A silver 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 Redline is shown from the side parked in a warehouse.


    Drivers who work on construction sites, farms, and similar environments where you need to lug materials and equipment will appreciate the capabilities of the 2024 Silverado 1500.

    This pickup can tow up to 13,300 lbs when properly equipped, which makes it ideal for towing modestly-sized equipment like plows or fertilizer spreaders. It’s also ready to tow a medium-sized boat, a fleet of ATVs, or a larger recreational vessel to an outdoor destination. With a maximum payload of 2,260 lbs, the 2024 Silverado 1500 can also be counted on for transporting heavy items in its truck bed, so those who need to move heavy materials like tools or supplies between job sites can easily do so with this pickup.

    On the powertrain front, the 2024 Silverado 1400 presents drivers with a diverse range of options, each with its own perks. The 2.7L turbocharged engine is a great choice for daily driving, offering solid fuel economy figures and high power output. The two V8 options—a 5.3L and a 6.2L—pump up the towing and payload figures further. Finally, those who need the best possible fuel economy and towing figures for carting equipment across job sites and around town might like the 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel. Between these engine options, drivers can choose what they prioritize: fuel economy, power, or a combination of the two.


    For some drivers, performance comes down to off-roading capabilities. The 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 will make both avid off-road enthusiasts and off-road hobbyists happy with its off-road trims of different levels. The ZR2—the most aggressive off-road trim—gets you features that'll have you ready to tackle the roughest of environments, including special off-road dampers (to absorb shock and enable a smoother ride) and front and rear e-lockers (to offer improved traction on demand). It also has massive Goodyear Mud-Terrain tires, underbody skid plates, and an off-road cut front bumper.

    The less aggressive off-road trims include the LT Trail Boss, which boasts a two-inch factory lift for greater ground clearance; it also has the Z71 off-road package, which gets you an improved suspension, improved approach and departure angles, and other rugged features. Then there’s the Custom Trail Boss, which also enjoys the Z71 package, a two-inch lift, and additional off-road-ready features like a two-speed transfer case and skid plates.

  • Cabin Tech

    A close up shows the black dash and infotainment screen in a 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500.


    Today’s drivers expect high-end technology from their vehicles, especially their pickups. The 2024 Silverado 1500 will meet the demands of tech-savvy drivers, as it has massive screens delivering real-time pertinent information about your vehicle and your journey, and it gives you access to important apps on the road.

    First, there’s the available 13.4-inch infotainment touchscreen. Here, you can take advantage of the Silverado 1500’s wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, so you can connect your smartphone to your infotainment system without a USB cord and control all of your apps right there on the large screen.

    Next, there’s the 12.3-inch driver information center. Here, you’ll get important vehicle and journey stats that will keep you informed of your Silverado 1500's health and telemetry, as well as when driver assistance features are engaged, recommendations for when you ought to take a break or tend to your truck, and more.

    User Tools

    Users of Google products will love Google Built-In, as this gives you access to your favorite Google apps like Google Play for music, Google Maps for your navigation needs, and Google Assistant for looking up information, setting appointments, checking the weather, and more. Your Silverado 1500's cabin can be your virtual assistant thanks to Google Built-In.

    We can’t talk about the 2024 Silverado 1500’s tech-forward features without discussing the available Super Cruise. This is Chevy’s semi-autonomous, hands-free driving tool, and it's ideal for drivers who spend long stretches on the freeway. Utilizing cameras, GPS data, and sensors, this system can take over braking, accelerating, and even steering for lane change purposes. If you want to have a hands-off driving period, you’ll love this feature. Super Cruise works in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain your desired speed and a safe gap between your vehicle and others. It is compatible with over 400,000 miles of roads in the US and Canada, so if you’re a long-haul driver who gets tired of the maneuvering minutiae, this tool can provide you tremendous relief.

  • Convenience

    A storage compartment is shown in a 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500.


    We have to say that the 2024 Silverado 1500 really shines in the cargo and utility departments. Chevrolet understands that its truck drivers ask a lot of their pickups, so they built the 2024 Silverado 1500 to make your days on job sites easier.

    Let’s start with the Multi-Flex tailgate, Chevy’s proprietary tailgate that can be set to six useful positions. First, there’s the primary tailgate that you’ll use in the standard manner. Then there’s the primary load stop, allowing you to keep long contents in the bed if you have to put the gate down. The inner gate load stop also aids in keeping items in place, while the easy access position lets you fold the tailgate down entirely, giving you improved access to the bed’s contents. The full-width step position gives you a sturdy place to stand when handling items in your truck bed. Finally, you have a built-in work surface, giving you a place to fill out orders, go over blueprints, and handle other admin tasks at the job site.

    If you need to secure items for your drives, you can take advantage of the twelve standard tie-downs; these are strategically placed to help you make sure your items don’t fly out of the bed during transport. The bed boasts up to 89.1 cu.ft. of cargo volume, so you can load it up with quite a lot of equipment and materials and still cover them. An available power-up/down attribute lets you raise and lower the tailgate with a push of a button, which helps you load up items without having to manually open the gate; this feature can also prolong the lifespan of the tailgate since electronic versus manual use isn’t as hard on the hydraulics.


    The 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 is available in three cab sizes—regular, double, and crew—and it’s available in three bed sizes—short, standard, and long—which gives drivers the freedom to prioritize passengers or cargo. You can seat three people across one row of seats in the regular cab, five people in the two rows of the double cab, and six people in the crew cab. So whether you’re driving around with just one coworker or the whole family, there’s a 2024 Silverado 1500 configuration to fit your needs.

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